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2018 Canadian Kosher Slurpee List

Below is a list of Slurpee flavours sold in Canada. The slurpee list is also available on the COR Kosher app on Google Play and the App Store.Please note that it is advisable to verify that the actual concentrate being used is on this recommended list: 7UP Barq’s Red Cream Soda Barq’s Root Beer Brisk Half and Half Blueberry Lemonade Brisk Lemonade Cherry CokeCoca-Cola Crush Banana Crush Blue Bubblegum Crush Cream Soda Crush Gummie Bear Crush Lime Crush Lite Cream Soda Crush Orange Crush Sour Blue Raspberry Crush Sour Cherry Dole Raspberry Lemonade Dole Sour Apple Dr. Pepper Fanta Banana Fanta Banana Pineapple Fanta Blackberry Lemonade Fanta Bl... read more

Posted: May 18, 2018

But Is It Really Dairy?

By: Rabbi Sholom H. Adler, Director of Industrial Kosher, Kashrus Admi...

Posted: May 17, 2018

Auleaf Café: A Home Not Too Far From Home

Maytar Elgaza, Owner At some point in her early years, Maytar Elgaz...

Posted: May 17, 2018

Bubby’s Bagels: Filling a Hole in the Community

Simcha Breslow & Sruli Portowicz, Owners For such a big Jewish ...

Posted: May 8, 2018

CORcast #11: How Do You Make Kosher Cheese?

Join COR's very own Rabbi Yehoshua Norman as he outlines the art of ko...

Posted: Apr 27, 2018

A Birthday Wish Come True: How Artsy Baker Became COR Kosher Certified

 “I started out because I never got a birthday cake”.  ...

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