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Infestation In Sardines: A Case Study


As we at COR have written here, there have been several reports recently of consumers finding worm infestation in their sardines. Sardines from Morocco, Philippines and Thailand and all skinless and boneless sardines are recommended for use at this time.

But simply sending alerts doesn’t always fully illustrate the problem. That’s why two of COR’s senior rabbis, Rabbi Tsvi Heber, Director of Community Kosher and Rabbi Yechiel Teichman, Rabbinic Coordinator, took it upon themselves to investigate further.

They purchased a few cans of sardines and got to work. They sliced open the sardines, and sure enough, they found that the sardines from Portugal were infested. You can see the results for yourself below. As the expression goes, a picture is worth a thousand words, or in this case, a picture is worth a thousand alerts.  


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