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Yoshon Update #2: November 9, 2011


Yoshon Update #2

Date: November 9, 2011

The Yoshon cutoff dates for the following products are as follows:

Robin Hood and Five Roses Flours


Date Code1

Plant Code








All flours except cake and pastry.


Cake and Pastry Flour only is still Yoshon


Will change Jan 2012.




1These numbers or lower are yoshon. Isolate the plant code from the full code that is  printed on the bag and then find the year and date codes.

Flour - (COR 142) - code of 1275 7 or lower.

Flour - (COR 285) including No Name- Regular ( - Best Before code of 2012 SE 25 or earlier. Whole Wheat - BB code of 2012 MR 25 or earlier.

Great Plains, P&H, and Compliments (Metro) Brands Flour – If the number after PH in the code is ‘7’ a BB date of 2012 OC 3 or earlier. If it is ‘2’ a BB date of 2012 OC 16 or earlier. Alternative coding; 1275 7 or 1289 2 or lower.

Bakers Hood , Sunspun  (COR323) - If the plant code is ‘MT’ a date code of 11 284 or lower, if it is ‘SK’ a date code of 11 249 or lower.

Robin Hood - Old Mill Oatscode of 11 299 or lower.

Quaker Oats (COR 112)

Any product that contains oats - date code of 09 26 P 1 or earlier.

Costco Pack - coding of 1xx26I or lower.

Wheat Bran, Oat Bran cereal, A.J. Pancake Mix – all products are still yoshon.

Muffets Shredded Wheat is always yoshon.

General Mills(mf’g in USA, for export to Canada only, OU certified)

Cheerios (excluding MultiGrain) – still yoshon.

MultiGrain Cheerios - date code of 02SE2012 or earlier is definitely yoshon.

Nature Valley Granola bars - code of 03OC2012 or earlier.

Fibre 1 cereal is always yoshon.

Information for the following cereals will be issued next week

Weetabix, Presidents Choice (COR 123), PC Blue Menu, PC Organics, Compliments(COR 313), Post Cereals(COR 114), Kellogg Canada(COR 246)

Instant Oats Packets for Co-op, Western Family, Sobeys(Compliments), Safeway, Walmart-G.V., Dollarama, Metro (Selection) (OU)  - BB code of     30 OC 2013, (coding may appear as 13OC30, 2013OC30,OCT30 2013) Organic products – BB code of  03 OC 2012, (coding may appear as 12 OC 03, 2012OC03, OCT 3 2012).

Barley – chodosh is starting to make its way into stores.

Kolbo - has yoshon barley and flour.

Kosher City -flour and barley repacked by Kosher City is currently yoshon.

NuPak Barley - code of 1271 or lower.


Primo, COR 78 - code of 1395A or lower (alternate code 2014 SE 30 or earlier).

Italpasta (brand name only) -11 OC 13(Oct 11) or earlier

All other pasta with a COR 136 -code of 05SE13 or earlier.

Unico - same coding as for Primo.

Ronzoni (Catelli & Lancia) (COR 235) - Regular(white), Smart, Whole Wheat, Egg noodles, and vegetable pasta – are still yoshon. (until end of year)      Multigrain - code of Oct 21 13 or earlier.

Ferenez (Mama)‘MK’ - products will remain yoshon.


Holyland & Pita Bros - will remain Yoshon.

Wraps – any wrap with a COR 722 will be yoshon until November 15

Lenchner’s, Uri Pastries, Maison Puff Pastry (COR 571) – products are still yoshon.

Local establishmentsdetailed information will be issued next week.

Please Note:

This update includes all infomation in previous updates. Changes are indicated in italics.

The above information applies to products manufactured in Canada only.

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