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How to clean:

1.Cut into small pieces – ensure that the entire inside of each floret is visible.
2.Check 3 small pieces per head of cauliflower on a light box.
3.If even one insect is found, the entire head must be checked for more insects.
4.If three insects are found, the head of cauliflower is deemed to be infested and must be discarded; further washing is not permitted
5.Add cold water and sufficient amount of vegetable wash or other similar soapy solution to a clean sink that has already been plugged or other similar container. The proper amount of vegetable wash has been added when some bubbles are observed in the water.
6.Check 3 samples of the cauliflower after washing to ensure that no insects remain.
Frozen: May be used when bearing an acceptable hashgacha

Type of insects found:

Thrips, cabbageworms or mites

Where insects are found:

Surface of cauliflower or between the tightly small packed florets

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