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How to clean:

Common (short-stem) strawberries:
1.The mashgiach must be the one to perform this procedure.
2.Carefully remove green leaf without making a hole in the top (If a hole was made, strawberry must be cut in half allowing both the inside and the outside of the strawberry to be washed)
3.Place in a clean plugged up sink with cold water while adding a sufficient amount of vegetable wash or similar soapy solution
4.Allow to soak for 3-5 minutes
5.While soaking, agitate in water; the surface of each strawberry should be rubbed with your fingers
6.Open the cold water tap and allow the water to create a strong flow into the sink for a Jacuzzi effect
7.Carefully wash off the entire surface of each strawberry, one by one, under a heavy stream of water using your fingers to thoroughly massage the surface of the strawberry
8.Dry strawberries, wiping their surface
For an additional measure of precaution, it is advisable that this process be repeated a second time.

Type of insects found:

Aphids, thrips, or mites

Where insects are found:

Under green leaf or on surface of berry

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