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How to clean:

Cleaning Procedure:
1.Add cold water and sufficient amount of vegetable wash or other similar soapy solution to a clean sink that has already been plugged or to a glass container. Add several drops of vegetable wash or a similar soapy solution
2.Place herbs in water. Herbs must be thoroughly agitated in the water. Care must be taken to ensure that the container is not over-stuffed with herbs so that the water can clean the herbs properly.
3.Remove herbs from water (save the water) and place them in a separate container.
4.Allow foam of soapy solution to clear from the water and pour through a fine screen or white cloth. A coffee filter may be used as an alternative
5.In a well-lit area, put the screen or cloth on a light box and carefully examine screen or cloth for the presence of thrips
If no insects are found proceed to step 6.
If even one insect is found then herbs may not be used
6.Herbs should be held in a downward position under a heavy stream of water. Herbs should be spread out or pulled apart to allow the water to pass through all of the herbs.
Important Note: In order to be sure that the insects that may be found in the herbs are washed away, a special focus must be maintained to carefully pull apart all the tightly clustered herbs. Spread out the herbs in hand, and allow water to thoroughly wash away all foreign matter that can be caught in the top of the herbs.

Type of insects found:

Aphids, thrips, or spider mites

Where insects are found:

On surface of the leaves

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