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Iceberg Lettuce


How to clean:

ON THE HEAD: The following process serves to ensure that the aforementioned vegetables are cleaned properly from infestation of aphids and thrips. Care must be taken to follow this process meticulously and with patience. Failure to do so may result in failure to remove insects.
1.Add cold water and sufficient amount of vegetable wash or other similar soapy solution to a clean sink that has already been plugged or other similar container. The proper amount of vegetable wash has been added when some bubbles are observed in the water.
2.Place vegetables in water. Vegetables must be thoroughly agitated while assuring that entire vegetable has been immersed in the water.
3.Remove vegetables from water. All crevices and folds of the leaves must be opened while rinsing them under a strong stream of water. This washing process should be done to both sides of the leaf.
1.No Hashgacha or Half-Moon K – Pre-washed vegetables and salad mixes that do not bear an acceptable hashgacha will be treated as if they were not pre-washed.
2.Acceptable Hashgacha: Iceberg lettuce should be spot checked from time to time looked over for signs of infestation
If the hashgacha on iceberg lettuce clearly states “no further checking necessary” example: Bodek, it is allowed without checking.

Type of insects found:

Aphids, thrips or spider mites

Where insects are found:

In the fold and crevices, generally on the first four outer layers (can be deeper inside)

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