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Mushrooms (Button, Enoki, King Oyster, Mini Oyster, Shitake)


How to clean:


Rinse each mushroom gently under a stream of water and no further checking is required;


1) Receptacle – Fill up a receptacle with fresh water. Place all dehydrated mushrooms into the receptacle and rehydrate mushrooms. Agitate and remove rehydrated mushrooms from receptacle.

2) Kosher Screen – Place a clean Kosher Screen in between 2 colanders and empty the water through the colanders ensuring that all the water goes into the Kosher Screen. Rinse the container with fresh water and empty the fresh water through the colanders. Let the water flow out completely through the Kosher Screen and into the drain. Shake the top strainer onto the Kosher Screen to ensure that any caught insects are now on the Kosher Screen.

3) Kosher Screen Checking – Place the Kosher Screen on the light box. Use a spray bottle to gently spray water on the Kosher Screen. This allows the dirt to spread on the Kosher Screen and allows clearer visibility. Examine the Kosher Screen on the light box for the presence of worms. If worms are found then produce must not be used.

Type of insects found:

Flies, worms

Where insects are found:

Embedded in gills or in inner sections of the mushroom

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