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Scallion/Green Onion


How to clean:

Check each shoot for the presence of leaf miner trails and if a leaf miner trail is identified then trail must be removed from the shoot and the remaining shoots must be checked individually

Slit open each shoot from top to bottom, soak in a soapy solution  and rinse under a strong stream of water using your finger to remove infestation from the surface of the shoot and perform the following method:

1)     Prepare Scallions/Green Onions for washing – Ensure that each shoot is slit from top to bottom.

2)     Receptacle – Fill up a receptacle with fresh water. Place a small amount of Scallions/Green Onions into the fresh water such that the appropriate water to produce ratio is 3:1 (3 parts water to 1 part produce). Agitate well and slowly. Remove a small handful in the palm of your hand; or alternatively, use a “spider” (with large holes) to remove Scallions/Green Onions. Remove from the receptacle while shaking out the water from the produce; then place the leaves in a clean container. Repeat until the process has been done to all the leaves.

 3)     Kosher Screen – Place a clean Kosher Screen in between 2 plastic white colanders (ensuring that the Kosher Screen covers the holes of the colanders) and pour the water from the receptacle through the colanders ensuring that all the water goes into the Kosher Screen. Rinse the receptacle with fresh water and empty the fresh water through the colanders. Let the water flow out completely through the Kosher Screen. Visually check both sides of the top colander to ensure that insects are not caught.

 4)     Checking Kosher Screen – Place the Kosher Screen on the light box. Use a spray bottle to gently spray water on the Kosher Screen. This allows the debris to spread on the Kosher Screen allowing clearer visibility to see insects. Examine the Kosher Screen on the light box for the presence of insects.

  • If 1 or 2 thrips or mites are found then repeat steps 1-3 and re-check.
  • If 3 or more thrips or mites are found then it has been demonstrated that washing was not performed properly and begin the washing process once again.
  • If an aphid is found then steps 1-3 must be repeated.
  • Produce may not be used if the Kosher Screen Method has been performed twice and insects are still found on the Kosher Screen.

 5)     Leaf Sample Checking – 3 leaves must be checked for insects; both sides of the leaf must be checked and cracks and crevices must be opened. If any insects are found then the produce may not be used.

If only the white part is desired then remove the hairs at the base, cut off the green part including a sliver of the white, and use.

Type of insects found:

Leaf miners and thrips

Where insects are found:

Inside shoots and in the joint where the green meets with the white

Watch video demonstration:

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