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Preparing My Rosh Hashanah Kitchen

da6f7ea76abb137a471f6596a58161d8.pngCOR is launching a new initiative – culinary education programs taught by Cordon Bleu trained Nancy Weisbrod COR’s new Director of Culinary Education.

My Kosher Kitchen @ COR’s first workshop is:

Preparing My Rosh Hashanah Kitchen  
Sunday August 26th, 2-5 pm
36 Viewmount Avenue
Cost: $50/person

Preparing My Rosh Hashanah Kitchen is an intensive and fun 3 hour workshop designed to give you the knowledge and plan to create delicious and inspiring Yom Tov dishes for your family and guests.  This workshop will be a blend of cooking techniques demonstrated, hands on experience and time plan mapping.  

To signup, or for more information contact [email protected] or (416) 902-9995

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