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2012/5773 Pas Yisroel List


COR is proud to present our 2nd annual Pas Yisroel List for the Aseres Yemai Teshuva. The Pas Yisroel List helps kosher consumers adhere to the requirement to keep Pas Yisroel during the 10 days of teshuva (September 17 – September 26) as well as those who try to adhere to the stringency of Pas Yisroel all year round.


The following COR industrial brands are Pas Yisroel:


Backerhaus Veit (COR 432)

All baked and par-baked products

Holyland Pita

Pita bread

Mexicasa (COR 722)

All flour tortillas

Pita Bros

All products

Ready Bake Foods

All par-baked products

Rivi’s Guilt-Free Cookies

All products

Solis Mexican Foods (COR 722)

All flour tortillas

Sweets from the Earth

All baked goods


The following COR local retail establishments are Pas Yisroel:


Amazing Donuts


Ashkenaz Cowboy




Bikur Cholim


Bistro @ Canyons


Bistro Grande


Brooklyn Pizza


Bo & Bon


Burgy's Goldburger


Café Sheli


Chicken Nest




Dairy Treats




Dr Laffa


Ely's Fine Foods


Eti's Cakes Ltd


Glatt Kosher Center

Products made on site

Golden Chopsticks

Except fortune cookies


Both locations - products baked on site




Both locations - products made on site

Hermes Bakery

Products baked on site

Howie T's


Isaac's Bakery


King David Pizza

All locations except where specifically indicated

Kosher City Bakery

Products baked on site

Kosher Gourmet


Le Mille Feuilles






Mi Kamocha


Milk N Honey


My Zaidy's Bakery


My Zaidy's Pizza

Both Locations

Noam Malka


Not Just Yogurt


Oasis Café

Except wraps

Oasis Deli


Old Spadina






Pizza Café


Real Canadian Superstore

Products baked on site

Sobeys Bakery

Products baked on site

Sobeys Take-Out

Products made on site

Tastes Like More


Toronto Kosher

Products made on site

Tov Li Pizza

Both locations

Two Moms Baked Goods


Yehudale's Pizza


Yogenfruz U-Serve





All COR certified caterers and catered events are Pas Yisroel unless otherwise indicated.


Sushi stores & counters adhere to all of the requirements of Aseres Yemai Teshuva.

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