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Insect Infestation in Barley

October 31, 2012

Please be advised that COR Mashgichim have found instances of infestation of small worms both off-white and black in barley. Other organizations (CRC and Star-K) have sent out alerts to their respective communities reporting similar findings.

We are advising that, until further notice, barley be checked prior to use by spreading it out on a white piece of paper or other surface.  Look for insects amongst and in between the grains.

Alternatively, barley can be soaked in water for 15-20 minutes and agitated. Let the water settle and check if any worms or insects rise to the top of the water. 

We would like to give credit to our colleagues a the CRC in Chicago for an extensive alert which can be found here: 

And a video demonstration which can be viewed here:

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