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Canadian Yoshon Preview: 2014/5775


Bakers Hood, Creative Bakers, Sunspun  or any flour bearing a COR323 – If the product has a plant code of ‘MT’,  they have started to blend chodosh as of September 8. A date code of 14 250 or lower or Best Before 2015 SE 7 and earlier, is still yoshon.

Robin Hood flour with a mill code of ‘547’ requires a date code of 14 250 or lower (will appear as 14 250 547)

Please Note: The Best Before coding on Robin Hood flour will vary. Up to and including 10kg will have a longer Best Before date of 2016 MR 7.  Larger sizes, 20 kg and up will have a shorter Best Before date of 2015 SE 7.

Quaker Oats - Any product that contains oats - date code of  0826P4 or earlier.

Costco Pack – last four digits of the Best Before coding of 4252 or lower (ignore the other codes, i.e. 2015 AU 08  4BI09H  4252).

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