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5776/2015 COR Pas Yisroel List

c8752e5b1865f321e169d337d0c11d33.pngThe COR Pas Yisroel List is intended to assist kosher consumers who are interested in adhering to the stringency of Pas Yisroel. It is noteworthy to mention that only products made from the “5 grains” (wheat, barley, rye, spelt, oats) are subject to the parameters of Pas Yisroel.


COR Certified Establishments

Lime Taco

Amazing Donuts


Aroma Espresso Bar Kosher

Magen Meats

Baldwin Street Kosher


Bali Laffa (both locations)

Milk N Honey

Bikur Cholim

My Zaidy's Bakery (both locations)

Bistro Grande

My Zaidy's Pizza

Brooklyn Pizza

Noam Malka

Bunch of Fun Play Land

Old Spadina

Café Sheli


Chicken Nest



Pizza Café


Real Canadian Superstore (products made on site)


Richmond Kosher Bakery (products made on site)

Dr Laffa on the Go (except baklava)

Slice n Bites

Ellen Jane Desserts

Sobeys Bakery & Take Out (products made on site)

Ely's Fine Foods

TAP Kosher Market (bakery dept.)

Eti's Cakes Ltd

Toronto Kosher (products made on site)

Famous Kosher Laffa
(both locations except Baklava)

Tov Li Pizza (both locations)

Glatt Kosher Center (products made on site)

Two Moms Baked Goods

Golden Chopsticks (except fortune cookies)

Windsor Arms Kosher

(both locations - products made on site)

Yehudale's Pizza

(both locations - products made on site)

Your Neighbourhood Café

Hermes Bakery (products made on site)

COR Certified Industrial Products

Howie T's (both locations)

Backerhaus Veit (COR 432) (baked and par baked products)

Isaac's Bakery

Mexicasa (COR 722) (all flour tortillas)

Jacobs Deli

Pita Bros

King David Grill (except baklava)

Elly's Pita Bakery

King David Pizza
(both locations except baklava)

Rivi’s Guilt-Free Cookies

Kosher at the Park Hyatt

Solis Mexican Foods (COR 722) (flour tortillas)

Kosher City Bakery (products made on site)

Sweets from the Earth

Kosher Gourmet (products made on site)




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