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2015/5776 Canadian Yoshon Update #2


Canadian Yoshon Update #2

Date: November 5, 2015


The Yoshon cutoff dates for the following products are as follows:

RobinHood and Five Roses Flours


Date Code1

Plant Code









All Purpose Flour only - still Yoshon




Cake and Pastry Flour only - still Yoshon









1These numbers or lower are yoshon. Isolate the plant code from the fullcode that is printed on the bag and then find the year and date codes.

Flour- (COR 142) - code of 5257 7 or lower.

Flour- (COR 285) - Regular- Best Before code of 2016 SE 30 orearlier. Whole Wheat - BB code of 2016 MR 31 or earlier. Organic – Best Before code of 2016 OC 13 or earlier. Whole Wheat -BB code of 2016 AP 13 or earlier.

Anyflour with a ‘PH ‘ in the code incl. Great Plains, Compliment and other brandnames – If the number after PH in the code is ‘7’ a BB date of 2016 SE14 orearlier. If thenumber it’s ’2’ a BB date of 2016 OC 13 or earlier.

Alternativecoding; 5 257 7 or lower, 5 286  2or lower.

BakersHood , Sunspun  (COR323) - If the plantcode is ‘MT’ a date code of       5 256or lower. If the plant code is ‘SK’- a date code of 5 272 orlower.

RobinHood - Old Mill Oats - code of 5 277 or lower.

QuakerOats (COR 112)

All products containing oatsand/or oat bran - date code of 0927P5 or earlier.

Costco Pack – last four digits of the Best Before coding of 5271 or lower(ignore the other codes, i.e. 2016 SE 28  4BI09H  5271).

Wheat Bran and A.J. Pancake Mix – date code of 1119P5 or earlier.

MuffetsShredded Wheat is always yoshon.

General Mills

Cheerios (all types thatcontain oats) – Best Before 11 AUG 2016 or earlier.                 ע'פ פסק מרן הראשכולל שליט'א יש מקום להקל בין  AUG 11 and 15 SE 2016

Nature Valley Granola bars - Best Before 03OCT 2016.

Fibre 1 cereal is alwaysyoshon.

Weetabix isstill yoshon.

Post Cereals (COR 114) - Shredded Wheat, Spoon Size Shredded Wheat -Regular, Honey Toasted, Cinnamon and Wheat ‘n Bran, Light Wheat Squares arealways yoshon.

Shreddies - Regular, Honey, and Maple Crunch, Dark Wheat Squares and100% Bran - products are still yoshon.

KelloggCanada (COR 246)

All Bran, Raisin Bran, BranFlakes, Corn Flakes, Honeynut Corn Flakes, Frosted Flakes, Rice Krispies andSpecial K, - products are stillyoshon.

Corn Pops – are yoshon (oatflour is not a yoshon concern)

Froot Loops -  BB/MA date of 2016 SE27 or earlier.

Barley – chodosh is makingits way into stores.

Kolbo - has yoshonbarley and flour.

KosherCity -flour and barley repacked by Kosher City is currentlyyoshon.


Primo, COR 78 - code of 5365F or lower, BB/MASeptember 11, 2018 or earlier.

Italpasta - -– BB/MA 2017  NOV 3 or earlier.

Allother pasta with a COR 136 –same as Italpasta.

Unico-same coding as for Primo.

Ronzoni(Catelli & Lancia) (COR 235) - - Regular (white) pasta-BB code of OCT 9 18. Smart, Whole Wheat,Egg, and Vegetable pasta- code of OCT 9 17.

Grisspasta - code of 307xx5 or lower.

 Ferenez(Mama)‘MK’ - products will remainyoshon.


Pita Bros  and Elly’s Pita - will remain Yoshon.

Wraps (COR 722) - If there is a ‘B’ following the time in the code, a code of 5258or lower.  If there is a ‘W’, a code of 5292  or lower.

Lenchner’s - will remain Yoshon

Uri Pastries - will remain Yoshon

Maison Puff Pastry (COR 571) - will remain Yoshon

Localestablishments -. Adetailed list to be issued shortly.

This update includes allinformation in previous updates. Changes are indicated in italics (electronic version in blue).


This update is not complete; however dueto the time sensitive nature of the changeover dates contained within, it isbeing issued now. A more complete update will be issued shortly.

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