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Kashruth related articles are provided to give you an overview and discussion of some of the issues involved in kashruth. The opinions expressed in these articles do not necessarily reflect the policy or opinion of the Kashruth Council of Canada.

Food Manufacturers

Some food manufacturers have indicated that their products may contain traces of dairy ingredients. This disclaimer is put on products for allergen reasons. Products which bear the symbol without the “dairy” or “DE” designations, are pareve as per halacha. The Kashruth Council of Canada does not take responsibility for ingredients that may not be listed on a product label and which may cause allergic reactions in certain individuals; the symbol on a product is solely a designation meant to indicate the Kosher status of a product.

Private Labels

Today, many companies manufacture products for other companies using the second company’s brand name; this is known as private labeling. A symbol will appear on a private label product if the private label company has contracted with a certified manufacturer to produce the item and has requested that a be placed on the label. We have listed private label items in our product listing for your convenience. IF THERE IS NO COR ON THE PRIVATE LABEL PRODUCT, THE PRODUCT IS NOT KOSHER CERTIFIED. Private labels may appear on kosher and non-kosher supervised items and therefore, your only guarantee that a private label product is kosher supervised, is to check each label for the symbol.

kosher take-out food services

The Kashruth Council does not accept responsibility for kosher take-out foods when served at private homes or other establishments, unless arrangements have been made with the Kashruth Council to assign a mashgiach to the home or facility where the food is being served.

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