About Us

We are a not for profit, community organization, serving the community for over 70 years. We are the largest kosher certification agency in Canada, certifying products across the country and around the globe.

A Symbol of Trust

Our kosher certification trademark, COR, is used on over 120,000 products across the globe. We provide kosher certification for over 1,200 facilities for businesses of all sizes: from start-ups to some of the world’s largest and most widely recognized companies including, Pepsi-QTG, Kraft Heinz, Mondolez, and Kellogg’s. We are also the exclusive kosher certifier for products in the Loblaws private label portfolio.

We employ a team of talented rabbinic inspectors who are experts in the intricacies of modern food production as well as the specifics of Jewish law. Our team works in conjunction with food manufacturers and food service establishments to ensure that food which is COR certified complies with the highest kosher dietary standards.

The COR symbol is trusted by consumers the world over, reassuring them that their food is in full compliance with the highest kosher standards.  To consumers, the COR logo stands for quality.

Holding COR Certification

Hear What People Say About Us

“As a new company that never went through Kosher certification, our company wasn’t sure of the correct way to start the process.  Thankfully, we contacted COR. They shared all needed information and provided step-by-step instructions of the process. At the same time, whenever we have any questions, we always email them and receive responses super-fast. As a result, we are a happy holder of the Kosher certification.

Overall, our company strongly recommends contacting the Kashruth Council of Canada (COR) if your company is looking for the Kosher certification. You will receive the best client support and answers to all of your questions.”

Stanislav Marchenko, BCC Packaging

“Our company has found the certification process and user experience with the Kashruth Council of Canada extremely positive. COR and Rabbi Rosen are readily available to answer any questions and provide further education on kosher requirements. Likewise, our customers are always happy to hear of the compliance standards denoted by the COR symbols found on our products.” 

Katie Richards, Operations Manager, Sweetapolita

“Our experience with COR as our Kosher/Vegan certifier has been excellent. COR personnel are always quick to respond, and their guidance and oversight are indispensable. The website is well organized and easily navigated. It is very simple to upload vendor certificates, and the approval process is quick and efficient. Also, the new addition of Vegecert to the menu is a great feature. 

COR is an amazing collaborative partner that has been instrumental in supporting our company’s significant growth.”

Connie Wren, Compliance Coordinator, The Metropolitan Tea Company Ltd.
About Us Are Your Products Kosher Certified

Are Your Products Kosher Certified?

COR certification assures consumers they are buying the highest quality kosher products.