Informative videos to help you keep kosher, including produce inspection, kashering stoves and countertops and taking ma’aser.


How to Kasher a Glass Stovetop
How to Kasher Gas Stoves and Ovens
How to Kasher an Electric Element Stovetop and Oven
How to Kasher Your Sinks and Countertops

Just Checking

How to Clean & Check Herbs
How to Clean & Check Green Onions
How to Clean & Check Romaine Lettuce
How to Clean & Check Strawberries

General Information

Rabbi Heber on what is DE
2015 COR Pre Passover Lecture Highlights
Day in the Life of a COR Mashgiach
Day in the Life of a Baycrest Mashgiach
COR Proprietors Speak
Taking Teruma & Maaser: Tithing Produce from the Land of Israel