The kosher food industry has grown dramatically of late with over $200 billion of kosher certified food products being sold globally every year. One reason for this explosion in kosher food products has been the increase in both Jewish and non Jewish kosher consumers.

In fact, out of the 15 million consumers in North America who seek out strictly kosher food products, only 15% are Jewish. The other 85% are made up of consumers who view kosher products as being more wholesome, as well as strict vegetarians, people with allergies or members of other religious groups such as Muslims or Hindus who know that a kosher-pareve designation is an assurance that a particular food contains no animal derivative ingredients.

In the increasingly competitive food products market companies must distinguish themselves from their competitors and seek out any advantage available. This is where COR can help your company.

Sitting next to a non kosher product, your COR certified product has a greater chance of gaining consumer attention and developing customer loyalty. Going kosher is an investment well worth making.