New Cor Restaurant: Dr. Laffa Title Image

If you are ever in the mood for some authentic Iraqi-Israeli cooking, you no longer have to go to make the transatlantic flight to Israel and visit Jerusalem. Instead, the food has come to Toronto in the form of one of COR’s new restaurants — Dr. Laffa. And yes, it’s just what the doctor ordered.

The story of Dr. Laffa is an interesting one. The Haba family were long time members of the Iraqi Jewish community living in the Kambar-Ali neighbourhood in Bagdad. Sason Haba was a well known baker who used a traditional Iraqi oven called a “taboon”. Soon after the establishment of the State of Israel, in 1951, the Haba family made aliyah to Israel and set up shop making laffa bread in Jerusalem’s Machane Yehuda outdoor mall. Sason’s son Sasi, who had been schooled in the family baking business, moved to Toronto and set up his own restaurant along with an authentic taboon called Dr. Laffa. His parents even flew in from Israel to help him put together the menu. Who would expect anything less from good Jewish parents?

Dr. Laffa sells a variety of Mediterranean delights including shawarma, shish kabab, eight varieties of humous, schnitzel, and don’t forget the famous laffa bread. After all, if you are going to Dr. Laffa without getting a laffa, you are basically just going to the doctor.

Judging by the long snaking line-ups, Dr. Laffa is sure to be a success in Toronto. Says owner Sasi Haba, “It gives us great joy to be sharing Dr. Laffa with the Toronto community and to be working with COR. B’teavon!”

Dr. Laffa is located at 401 Magnetic Drive , Toronto, Ontario, Canada