PC Fresh Herbs from Israel Require Tithing

Pc Fresh Herbs From Israel Require Tithing Title Image

Please be advised that President’s Choice (PC) is now packaging fresh herbs grown in Israel. The consumer may not immediately notice that they are grown in Israel due to way the information is presented on the side of the package.

These herbs are subject to the laws of Terumos and Maaseros such that Terumos and Maaseros must be taken before they may be consumed. For instructions on how to separate Terumos and Maaseros, please consult the article available on our website at http://cor.ca/view/61/produce_of_israel_a_primer.html.

Please note: We encourage the support of Eretz Yisroel and the purchase of its many products. However, at the same time we must ensure the kashrus of each such product. For more information on the laws of separating Terumos and Maaseros, please contact me at the number below.