Pantry Insects in Wheat Kernels, Soft Wheat Kernels & Wheat Berries

February 2, 2012

Please be advised that COR is finding infestation of pantry insects such as confused flour beetle and red flour beetle in Soft Wheat Kernels, Wheat Kernels and Wheat Berries. Infestation has been found even in packages that contain kosher certification.

At this point and until further notice, we are recommending that you check wheat kernels for beetle and beetle larvae infestation before they can be consumed as follows:

1) Place a large sampling of kernels on a white surface

2) Slowly sift through the kernels checking for beetles, beetle larvae and holes inside kernels which would indicate infestation.

3) If no infestation is found proceed with the following:

· Place all the wheat kernels in a pot

· Pour boiling hot water (from the sink) over the kernels until the pot is almost full

· Let the water settle for 30 seconds

· Check the water carefully for beetles and beetle larvae

· Check the whole pot, including the walls of the pot for infestation

· If infestation is found, discard the entire bag and call our office with the following information: 1) Company Name 2) Product Name 3) How many bugs were found (send pictures if possible) 4) Lot number if found on the package

Pantry insects can develop if grains are not stored in a cool place. As such, we are advising that dried goods not be stored next to ovens or heaters or in other areas that may be prone to infestation.