Infestation in Red Cabbage

Infestation In Red Cabbage Title Image

September 9, 2012

Please be advised that we have found thrip infestation in Ontario red cabbage. Until further notice, we recommend the all red cabbage undergo the following procedure:

1) Discard loose outer leaves

2) Cut head into 4 quarters

3) Peel off the outer leaf of one of the quarters directly over the light box (if one owns a lightbox)

4) Gently tap the leaf on the lightbox (if one owns a lightbox)

5) Examine for moving thrips (they would be white)

6) If even one insect is found, then the cabbage may not be used.

7) If no insect is found then repeat steps 3-5 again and then again a third time.

8) If no insects are found on the light box then you may proceed to shred or cut the leaves.

9) Soak the leaves in a soapy solution. Rinse well.

10) Check the water for thrips.

The other option would obviously be to purchase pre-washed red cabbage with a reliable kosher certification.

If you have any questions feel free to contact COR at 416 635-9550 or