Loblaw Aligns with COR- Kashruth Council of Canada for its Control Brands

Loblaw Aligns With Cor Kashruth Council Of Canada For Its Control Brands Title Image

As you may already have been advised, to better promote kosher to its consumers and streamline its kosher certification process, Loblaw Brands has decided to align its house brands (including President’s Choice, No Name and Blue Menu) with COR- Kashruth Council of Canada. Vendors who manufacture for Loblaw Brands will still be able to remain certified by their kosher certifier of choice as long as the organization is listed as acceptable to Loblaw Brands and to COR.

Kosher certified products manufactured for Loblaw will carry the “COR 1” symbol. The Loblaw Brands production team will be in touch with its vendor community to add the COR 1 symbol during development of new items or when making changes to existing label.

For COR certified companies, this new process should remain virtually unchanged. More specifically, the process should work as follows:

1. Submit your product for approval as a private label to your COR Rabbi through our online portal CORporate Kosher in the identical manner as before.

2. When the rabbi approves the product and you obtain your Kosher Certificate, send the Kosher Certificate to the Loblaw product team through their “Synergy” system.

3. If the Loblaw Brands product team has designated this product for a “COR 1” designation, then they will be in touch with you regarding updating the packaging artwork to include the “COR 1” symbol. They will provide you with this artwork.

4. Loblaw Brands will then send the Kosher Certificate to COR and we will log it in our system as belonging to the “COR 1” program.

Both Loblaw Brands and COR are excited about this new program and we are confident that this change in the kosher certification process will be beneficial to all. Should you have any questions, please contact COR at 416-635-9550/info@cor.ca or your designated Rabbinic Coordinator.