Kosher and Passover Compliant Certification for Duchesnay’s Diclectin®

Kosher And Passover Compliant Certification For Duchesnay's Diclectin® Title Image

Duchesnay is pleased to announce that its prescription product Diclectin® against nausea and vomiting of pregnancy has received Kosher and Passover compliant certification from the Kashruth Council of Canada (COR).

Kosher and Passover certification ascertains that products are manufactured according to high standards of preparation and selection of ingredients. Diclectin® is the third of Duchesnay’s prescription products for pregnant women to receive this certification. Duchesnay is proud that their prenatal multivitamins PregVit® and PregVit folic 5® have already received COR’s Kosher and Passover compliant from the same organization.

“We are very pleased that Jewish communities in North America have access to anti nausea and prenatal multivitamins that fully meet our traditional standards. We are grateful that Duchesnay acknowledges the importance of such products in Jewish observance”, stated Rabbi Sholom H Adler, Director of Industrial Kosher – COR Kashruth Council of Canada.

“Duchesnay is proud to work at developing health products that meet the needs of women from various cultural or religious communities. It reflects the Canadian cultural reality and its influence on the market dynamic, including the health product sector” stated Carole Boyer, Vice-President of Corporate Affairs at Duchesnay. “Moreover, by making our three products compliant with Kosher and Passover requirements, we also meet the needs of thousands of women with coeliac disease or with lactose intolerance, since our productsdo not contain gluten, lactose or tartrazine”, concluded Carole Boyer.