Pomegranates and Dates from Israel

Pomegranates And Dates From Israel Title Image

Please be advised that we are seeing an abundance of pomegranates and dates from Israel in our retail market in honour of Rosh Hashana. These fruits are subject to the laws of terumos and maaseros (tithes) such that terumos and maaseros must be separated before they can be consumed.

Instructions are available at the following link http://cor.ca/view/61:2/produce_of_israel_a_primer.html.

We encourage consumers to purchase pomegranates and dates from COR certified stores. As of today, COR mashgichim have separated terumos and maaseros at the following stores:

1) Hartman’s North and South Stores – Pomegranates

2) Kosher City – Pomegranates and Dates

3) Sobey’s – Dates

4) TAP – Pomegranates

5) Tastes Like More – Pomegranates

Three pomegranates were inadvertently sold at TAP Supermarket before Terumos and Maaseros were taken. If you purchased a pomegranate at TAP on Thursday, September 18, please call the COR office for instructions.

If you are purchasing fruit from stores that are not supervised by COR then please take care to ensure that terumos and maaseros are separated from Israeli produce.

In addition, as the upcoming year is the shemittah year there are a number of other considerations regarding fruits and vegetables from Israel. More information is available here:


Shana tova umetuka!