A Birthday Wish Come True: How Artsy Baker Became COR Kosher Certified

A Birthday Wish Come True: How Artsy Baker Became Cor Kosher Certified Title Image

“I started out because I never got a birthday cake”. That’s how Antonella Cellini explains why she started her company, Artsy Baker. Her family was very traditional and didn’t believe in having birthday parties. The only cake they would have at family get-togethers was Black Forest, and “that’s the only cake we’ll never make”, she says.

Artsy Baker is a nut free, custom cake shop that specializes in bar and bat mitzvahs, weddings, and large corporate events. “Everything is pretty much custom”, Antonella says, “We do whatever the customer wants. We don’t normally make the same cake twice”. They offer both gluten free and vegan options and are now under COR kosher certification. Besides for their custom orders which they deliver, they have many items on display in their storefront to purchase such as cookies, donuts, cupcakes, and cake pops. They also host birthday parties and corporate events at their location.

Artsy Baker started out as a passion project. Antonella was fascinated by untraditional desserts and experimented at home. She began baking and giving out free cake to her family and friends, but after seeing the reactions she got from the 3D roller-skate she made for her niece’s birthday, she realized that she could take her passion to the next level. Though she never thought she would make a business out of it, the company outgrew its original location and moved to a larger location in Aurora at 5- 255 Industrial Parkway South.

After many years in business and receiving multiple requests from customers for kosher options, she decided it was time to go kosher. Though most ingredients were already under kosher certification, she had one donut she knew she would be a problem. Artsy Baker was known for its signature Maple Bacon donut, topped with actual bacon bits. She didn’t want to give up on the popular item, so they sourced fake bacon bits and are now offering a Maple Facon alternative in addition to their other specialty donuts. As you can imagine, the work required to kosherize the facility up to COR standards was intense. But it was worth it.

Antonella always said she would give her kids whatever birthday cake they wanted. She now has done that and so much more. Not only did her birthday wish come true, but she makes others’ come true too.

All products are dairy, non- Cholov Yisroel and custom orders can be made for pareve, Pas Yisroel options.

Artsy Baker: www.artsybaker.com | 905-503-5333