Please be advised that over the last while, COR mashgichim have been finding regular infestation of thrips in sugar snap peas and snow peas.

The following procedure is advised:


  1. Prepare for Washing – Cut ends off. Check for obvious infestation (thrips) which is noticeable and if found, do not use.
  1. Prepare Checking Station – Add cold water and enough food-grade soap or vegetable wash that contains a surfactant in the ingredients (for example FIT, Monster or Nature Clean) to a clean sink or receptacle. The appropriate water to produce ratio is 3:1 (3 parts water to 1 part produce). The proper amount of vegetable wash/soap is when the soap suds are visible in the water.
  1. Soaking & Agitating – Place pods in water ensuring that they are completely submerged under water. Agitate thoroughly.
  1. Rinsing – Remove pods from water and rinse well under a strong stream of water (strong water pressure from the tap or spray hose is critical in ensuring the effectiveness of the rinse).
  1. Place Pods in Receptacle – Fill up the container with fresh water. Place pods inside the container. The appropriate water to produce ratio is 3:1 (3 parts water to 1 part produce). Agitate well and slowly. Remove pods from the container, while shaking out the water from the pods; then place them in a clean container.
  1. Kosher Screen (can be obtained through the COR office) – Place a clean Kosher Screen in between two colanders and empty the water through the colanders ensuring that all the water goes into the Kosher Screen. Rinse the container with fresh water and empty the fresh water through the colanders. Let the water flow out completely through the Kosher Screen and into the drain. Shake the top strainer onto the Kosher Screen to ensure that any caught insects are now on the Kosher Screen.
  1. Kosher Screen Checking – Place the Kosher Screen on the light box (can be obtained through the COR office). Use a spray bottle to gently spray water on the Kosher Screen. This allows any dirt to spread on the Kosher Screen and allows clearer visibility. Examine the Kosher Screen on the light box for the presence of thrips. If even 1 insect is found on the Kosher Screen then sugar snap peas and snow peas may not be used.