Canadian Yoshon Preview 2023/5784


September 22, 2023

Welcome to the first bits of Yoshon information for Canada for 2023.

This list in not complete, due to the time sensitive nature of the changeover dates detailed below, it is being issued now.

Please note: Anticipated changeover dates are at the factory level. In the current market, products may be in the retail market as early as 1-2 weeks after being manufactured. Don’t assume that the product on the shelves is yoshon because the manufacture only started chodosh two weeks earlier.

Robin Hood, Five Roses & any co-packed flours using the following plant codes

YearDate Code1Plant CodeComments
3 547Yoshon until the end of Sept.
3229548All Purpose Flour.
3267548Cake and Pastry Flour only.
3 715Yoshon until the end of Nov.

1These numbers or lower are yoshon. Isolate the plant code from the full code that is printed on the bag and then find the year and date codes.

Flour – (COR 285)  – White Flour – BB date  Sept 12/24,  Organic anticipated BBSept 25/24. Whole Wheat- BB dates are 3 months earlier.

Great Plains, P&H, Compliments (Metro) and any flour with a “PH” in the code – The lot # will start with a 3 (for 2023) then xxx for the date then xx for the plant i.e. 2 269 02.Use code  3 258 for plant 02,  3- 240 for plant 09 and 3-236 for plant 07. At times, the “0” before the plant code may be missing, i.e. 3 236 07 = 3 236 7.

Ardent Mills, Robin Hood, Bakers Hood, Master Hand, Golden Temple or any flour with a COR323 – for plant ‘SK’- a date code of 3-229 or lower. For plant code ‘MT’ – anticipated changeover is 3-268.

Durum semolina and Atta flour are still yoshon.

No Name Flour – If the best before date includes “PFM” use the same code as COR 285 flour. If it is “PH” use the codes noted above for “PH”. If it is “AD” it will remain yoshon until mid-Nov.  Whole Wheat flour – Best Before dates are 4 months earlier.

PC Flour – All Purpose flour – if the BB date includes “PFM” it will remain yoshon. Organic Whole Wheat is still yoshon. Anticipated c/o beginning of Oct.

Rodelle Flour (20kg bags) – is still yoshon. Anticipated c/o .Nov 24, 23 – must have a “P” in the code.

Robin Hood – Old Mill Oats – still yoshon.Anticipated c/o mid Oct.

Quaker Oats (COR 112) – Any product that contains oats – Anticipated c/o date code of 09 26 P 3 or earlier.

No Name Oats – Large Flake, One Minute, Quick – still yoshon, anticipated c/o is Nov, (this date does not apply to single serve packets)

Cheerios – are still yoshon. Anticipated c/o is second week of Oct.

Weetabix – (regular and organic) – are still yoshon.

Alpen  – still yoshon, anticipated c/o Best Before 26 SEP 2024.

Post Cereals – Shredded Wheat, Spoon Size Shredded Wheat – all types, Light Wheat Squares, Shreddies – all types, Dark Wheat Squares, Raisin Bran & 100% Bran are still yoshon.

Kellogg Canada (COR 246)  All Bran, Raisin Bran, Bran Flakes, Corn Flakes, Honeynut Corn Flakes, Frosted Flakes, Rice Krispies and Corn Pops – are still yoshon.

Barley – PC Blue Menu Barley, Great Value Barley, Clic, and NuPak Barley – product in the store is still yoshon. Anticipated c/o of these brands is the end of Oct.

Primo & Unico COR 78 – will remain yoshon until the mid Nov.

Italpasta & all other pasta with a COR 136 – Best Before Oct 3 2024.

PC/No Name Pasta (COR 1) – use same codes as Italpasta.

Ronzoni (Catelli & Lancia) (COR 235) will remain yoshon until  mid  Oct.

Grisspasta – Regular – Best Before 2025 Oct 2, Whole Grain, Vegetables, Egg Pasta – Best Before 2024 Oct 3.

Catelli (with an MK) – use same codes as Grisspasta.

Ferenez /Mama (MK) – will remain yoshon.

Lenchner’s  – will remain yoshon.

Made Good Granola Bars – product currently in the stores in yoshon. May switch beginning of Oct.

Selection Flavoured Oatmeal Packets – Best Before 2024 SEPT 25 or earlier.