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Kosher Alert: Dulce Luna Chocolate Bars Missing Dairy/DE Designation

 Brand:Dulce Luna
 Product:Chocolate Bars (see list below)

Please be advised that the following items are missing their Dairy/DE designations:

Items that are DAIRY

Chocolate Latte with Espresso Splash 100g UPC 6 28603 92666 6  

Luscious White Chocolate Almond Bark 150g UPC 6 28603 92675 8

No Sugar Added Velvety Milk Chocolate Bar 80g UPC 6 28603 92679 6

No Sugar Added Decadent Milk Chocolate Almond Bar 100g  UPC 6 28603 92681 9

Item that is DE (Dairy Equipment)

No Sugar Added Intense Dark Chocolate Bar 80g UPC 6 28603 92680 2 

All of these products are only sold in Metro Stores in the GTA.

 Resolution:Corrective measures have been taken.

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