Health Hazard Alerts: Strubs Smoked Salmon and Grizzly Smoked Salmon

Two products that are kosher certified by COR have recently been the subject of separate Health Hazard Alerts by the Canadian Food and Inspection Agency. COR is now relaying this information to kosher consumers.

September 29, 2011 – Norwegian Style Steelhead Salmon may be contaminated with Listeria

Brand: Strubs


Strubs Norwegian Style Steelhead Salmon
Sliced smoked
Gold tail
Ready to Eat
200g packages
Keep Frozen Prior to Use

Strubs Deli Choice
Gold tail
Smoked Salmon Bits
Ready to Eat
300g packages

Lot Identifier: 09192011

September 30, 2011 – Grizzly Brand Smoked Coho Salmon may contain Salmonella Bacteria

Brand: Grizzly

Product: Smoked Coho Salmon (sliced)

UPC: 7520002010

Code: 20890115 and 20890125

Distributed: in 70 gram packages