COR Answers Over 1500 Passover Related Consumer Questions

Cor Answers Over 1500 Passover Related Consumer Questions Title Image

Leading up to Passover the COR Passover hotline was so hot it was burning up. For the weeks preceding Passover and during the holiday itself the staff at COR – Kashruth Council of Canada answered approximately 1530 consumer related questions.

Questions included products that can be purchased without special Passover certification, which personal care products or medicines don’t contain chometz, how to kasher certain utensils or appliances, and even what pet foods are available for purchase that don’t contain chometz.

Regardless of the type of question, all 1530 of them attest to the Jewish people’s dedication to keeping kosher for Passover – a noble cause that COR was happy to participate in.

COR rabbinic representatives manning the Passover hotline included Rabbi Yisroel Meir Gross and Rabbi Chaim Dovid Kulik who both enjoyed the opportunity to act as a resource for the kosher community on such a special Jewish holiday. “No matter what their observance level, almost all Jewish people celebrate Passover to some extent,” relayed Rabbi Kulik who answered over 500 phone calls alone. “It was an honour to assist the community in upholding such an important mitzvah.”

Callers themselves were also extremely appreciative of the COR’s efforts. Said one caller, Miriam S. after speaking with one of the COR staff, “I just want to thank you for this tremendous service that you provide to the community. Not just answering questions, but your COR Guide as well and answering questions year round– tizku l’mitzvos.”

The COR enjoyed the opportunity to connect with kosher consumers across Canada and G-d willing, we look forward to doing it again next year. But of course, next year in Jerusalem!