Romaine Lettuce Suggestions

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COR has checked a specialty brand of romaine lettuce from Israel that is certified kosher called “MESHEK COHEN MAN” and we have found it to be acceptable. This brand is on sale in many COR supervised supermarkets and stores.

The Hebrew instructions on the package indicate that the romaine leaves must still be washed well under a strong stream of water before use. No further checking is required after that. It also states on the package that those who choose to be more strict (Mehadrin) should soak the leaves in a soapy solution for 3 minutes before they are rinsed.

As an alternative, “ANDY BOY” romaine hearts may be used. This product is a regular romaine and is not insect free nor is it certified kosher; however it is a high quality product and can be washed and checked with relative ease.

If you are using Andy Boy please follow the following process to ensure that romaine lettuce is cleaned properly from infestation of aphids and thrips. Care must be taken to follow this process meticulously and with patience.

1. Add cold water and sufficient amount of vegetable wash or other similar soapy solution to a clean sink that has already been plugged or other similar container. The proper amount of vegetable wash has been added when some bubbles are observed in the water.

2. Place leaves in water. Leaves must be thoroughly agitated while assuring that entire leaves have been immersed in the water.

3. Remove leaves from water. All crevices and folds of the leaves must be opened while rinsing them one by one under a strong stream of water. This washing process should be done to both sides of the leaf.

NOTE: A vegetable spinner is recommended. The advantages are that the leaves will stay fresh and moist for a longer period of time and it will help free the leaves from insects.

4. Each individual leaf must then be checked on both sides on a light box. Spot-checking is not adequate.