A Notice Regarding Products at Tim Horton’s

A Notice Regarding Products At Tim Horton's Title Image

The COR would like to correct a misunderstanding that has circulated regarding the kosher status of some of the products sold at Tim Horton’s.

Consumers have searched our website for Tim Horton’s products and the search results have listed products that we certify. If you look on our website however, there is a disclaimer that says the following: “Tim Horton stores are not under COR supervision. Products are only recommended in their original sealed packaging.”

Tim Horton’s does purchase some partially baked products from COR certified facilities that manufacture products for many different customers some of which are sold as kosher certified to end consumers in their local grocery stores. However, the Tim Horton’s products are finished in their in store ovens which are also used to bake their non kosher products which can include non-kosher items such as pork, cheese and the like. This obviously renders the end products not kosher.

We do recommend plain coffee at Tim Horton’s. In addition if one can physically watch a product (such as hot chocolate for example) being removed from its original sealed packaging which carries a kosher symbol, into a disposable cup, then you would be acting as your own “mashgiach” in that case. If you are interested in further information about purchasing coffee products from unsupervised coffee shops, please see this article by RabbiTsvi Heber here.