2022/5783 Canadian Yoshon Update #1


Date: December 9, 2022

The Yoshon cutoff dates for the following products are as follows:

Robin Hood, Five Roses, Irresistible & any flour using the following plant codes

YearDate Code1Plant CodeComments
2230548All Purpose Flour – retail & Costco pack
2284548Cake and Pastry Flour only

1These numbers or lower are yoshon. Isolate the plant code from the full code that is printed on the bag and then find the year and date codes.

Flour – (COR 285)  – Regular White Flour – Best Before 2023 SE 27 or earlier. Whole Wheat – Best Before 2023 JN 27 or earlier. Organic – Best Before 2023 SE 13 or earlier. Whole Wheat – Best Before 2023 JN 13 or earlier.

P&H, Great Plains, Compliments and any flour with a “PH” in the code – The lot # will start with a 2 (for 2022) then xxx for the date then xx for the plant i.e. 2 269 02. Use codes 2 269 for plant 02, 2 277 for plant 08, 2 245 for plant 09 and 2 265 for plant 07.

Ardent Mills, Robin Hood, Bakers Hood, Master Hand, Golden Temple or any flour with a COR323 – for plant ‘SK’- a date code of 2-230 or lower. For plant code ‘MT’ – a date code of 2-286 or lower. Atta flour 2-234 or lower.

No Name Flour – If the best before date includes “PFM” use the same code as COR 285 flour. If it is “PH” (0)7 or “PH” (0)2 use the codes noted above for “PH”. If it is “AD” a best before code of 2023 SE 18 or earlier.  Whole Wheat flour – Best Before codes are 3 months earlier.

PC Flour – All Purpose flour – if the BB date includes “PFM” it will remain yoshon. Organic – use the same code as COR 285 flour.

Rodelle Flour – If there is a “P” in the date code, code of 2022 Nov 13 or earlier.

Robin Hood – Old Mill Oats (COR 323) – code of 2-273 or lower.

No Name Oats – Large Flake, One Minute, Quick – Best Before 2023 SEP 2 or earlier (this date does not apply to single serve packets).

Quaker Oats (COR 112)

All products containing oats and/or oat bran – date code of 09 24 P 2 or earlier.

Costco Pack – code of 0924 following the Best Before date. 5N2 is the year code and ignore other codes, i.e. 2022 SE 27  0924 5N2 0263.

Wheat Bran – date code of 10 27 P 2 or earlier.

A.J. Pancake Mixes (all types) – will remain yoshon.

General Mills

Cheerios (all types) – Best Before Oct 17, 2023

Nature Valley Granola bars –Best Before date of 06SE2023 CO plant only.

Fibre 1 cereal is always yoshon.


Weetabix (regular and organic) – are still yoshon.

Alpen & Grain Shop High Fibre Crisp – Best Before 27 AUG 2023.

Post Cereals (COR 114) – Shredded Wheat, Spoon Size Shredded Wheat – Regular, Honey Toasted, Cinnamon and Wheat ‘n Bran, Light Wheat Squares are always yoshon.

Shreddies – Regular, Honey, and Maple flavours, Dark Wheat Squares and 100% Bran are still yoshon.

Kellogg Canada (COR 246)

All Bran, Raisin Bran, Bran Flakes, Corn Flakes, Honeynut Corn Flakes, Frosted Flakes and Rice Krispies – products are still yoshon.

Corn Pops – are yoshon (oat flour is not a yoshon concern).

Froot Loops (Canadian only) – Best Before Oct 21, 2023.

Presidents Choice (COR 1)

Fruity O’s – Best Before Oct 26, 2023.

Crunchy – Maple Almond, Mixed Berry or Cranberry Almond – Best Before AUG 27, 2023

Loads of Raisins Raisin Bran, Woven Wheat Squares – are still yoshon.

PC Blue Menu (COR 1)

Fibre First, Bran Flakes and Fibre Plus Bran Flakes, Crunchy Whole Grain Cereal With Almonds – are still yoshon.

PC Organics  (COR 1) – Wheat Squares and Raisin Bran – are still yoshon.

Rogers Foodswheat germ and bran – Best before June 23, 2023.

Barley – there is chodosh barley in the stores, dates must be checked.

Kolbo – has yoshon barley and flour.

Kosher City flour and barley repacked by Kosher City will remain yoshon.

PC Blue Menu Barley and Great Value Barley – lot code of 22269 or lower.

NuPak Barley – Best Before date of 2023 Oct 6 or lower.

Cedar (Phoenicia) Barley code of PD22010 or lower.

Clic barley – product packed on or before Oct 1, 2022.


Primo, COR 78 – Best Before Oct 10 2025.

Italpasta  – Best Before Oct 3 2024.

All other pasta with a COR 136 – use the same codes as Italpasta.

Unico – use same coding as for Primo.

PC/No Name Pasta (COR 1) – use same codes as Italpasta.

Ronzoni (Catelli & Lancia) (COR 235) Regular (white) pasta – best before Oct 26, 25 or earlier. Whole wheat, egg & multigrain best before April 26, 2024. Vegetable pasta best before April 26, 2024. Smart pasta BB Sept 15, 2024.

Catelli (with an MK) – use same codes as Grisspasta.

Grisspasta – Regular Pasta – best before 2025 Oct 10, Whole grain, Vegetables, Egg Pasta – best before 2024 Oct 10.

Ferenez /Mama (MK) – will remain yoshon.

Pita Bros Pita – will remain yoshon. Pita Bros Bread Crumbs – White are yoshon, Whole Wheat best before date of Feb 10, 23 or later.

Lenchner’s – will remain yoshon.

Uri Pastries – will remain yoshon.

Local establishments – A detailed list will be forthcoming.